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How does Epson UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta ink techology reduce metamerism?


  • Epson Ink Technology.
  • These models: Stylus Pro 11880, Stylus Pro 3880, Stylus Pro 4880, Stylus Pro 7880, Stylus Pro 9880.


This article provides information for Epson UltraChrome™ K3 Vivid Magenta inks.

The use of UltraChrome™ K3 Vivid Magenta pigment inks with its resin encapsulation, three levels of black ink, and new screening algorithm helps reduce the effects of metamerism and bronzing from both colour and black & white prints to a level below what the human eye can detect.

Further information on UltraChrome™ K3 Vivid Magenta ink:

Epson UltraChrome™ K3 Vivid Magenta ink covers a very large colour gamut. Even complex colours such as a rhodamine reds and reflex blues are no problem for this printing system. The light inks in the system in combination with Epson's new Super halftone processing technology allow for very smooth gradations and even the printing of aquarelles and pastels or crayons. The three black inks prevent tone jumps, producing very smooth gradations. The special matte black and the composition of the coloured inks allow these colours even on matte media. The ink also offers incredible short term stability of Delta E<1 approx 30 mins.

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