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My scanner is making an abnormal noise. What should I do?

Sometimes a scanner may make an abnormal sound which can be attributed to a number of different causes.

To identify the specific issue perform the following checks:

  1. Check that the transportation lock is in the unlocked position
    • Turn the scanner off and move the transportation lock to the unlocked position

    • Turn the scanner on

      The position of the scanner lock varies depending on scanner model, see the examples below:


      If the scanner has a transportation lock on the Transparency unit (TPU), ensure that this is also unlocked

  2. Make sure the scanner is on a stable, level and flat surface

  3. Turn off the scanner and disconnect the Transparency unit (TPU) or automatic document feeder (ADF) cable from the back of the scanner

  4. Turn the scanner on again. If the scanner now seems to be ok, switch off and try to reconnect the ADF or TPU cable.

  5. Check the status of the light on the scanner. If the scanner displays a red light, power off the scanner, move the Transparency unit lock back to locked position and then unlock it again.

  6. Turn the scanner back on. If the red light remains, this would indicate a hardware failure. Click here to visit you local Epson support website for repair centre details

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