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EB-1400Wi / EB-1410Wi: I'm unable to upload a custom template for Whiteboard mode, what can I do?


  • EB-1410Wi and EB-1400Wi interactive projectors
  • Uploading custom templates for use in Whiteboard mode


Using Whiteboard mode it is possible to assign templates to some or all pages, default templates are provided but it is also possible to upload your own custom templates using the projector's web configuration page.

  • Template files need to be saved in PNG format.
  • The maximum pixel size of the files is 2048 x 2048.
  • A maximum of 5 custom templates can be uploaded.

If you are unable to upload your custom templates through the web configuration page, please try the steps below:

  1. Using the projector's remote control or control panel press the Menu button, select Extended from the menu and go to Whiteboard Settings then press the Enter button button.

  2. In the Basic menu press the Enter button button on Delete All Internal Data.

  3. Press the Enter button button on Yes to confirm you want to delete the internal data.

  4. The below screen will appear and may take several minutes to complete.

  5. When complete, press the Enter button button on OK.

  6. Select Setup complete from the menu and press the Enter button button on Yes to complete.

  7. Return to the projector's web configuration page, click on Administrator Settings under the Whiteboard Settings heading.

  8. You can now upload your custom templates using the Template Settings section (highlighted below):

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