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How to Perform a Basic Scan with EPSON Scan 2

This article explains how to scan to your computer using EPSON Scan 2. It assumes that EPSON Scan 2 is installed and the product is ready to use.

Start with the Epson product powered on and connected to the computer.

Follow the instructions below to complete a scan:

  1. Open Epson Scan 2. For more infomation on how to open Epson Scan 2, please expand the section below relevant to your operating system.
  2. Windows

    • Double-click the EPSON Scan 2 icon on your Desktop.
    • Or, click the Start menu button and select All Programs or Programs > EPSON Scan > EPSON Scan.

    macOS/Mac OS X

    • Open the Applications folder and double-click the EPSON Scan 2 icon.

  3. You can select a preset mode from the Scan Settings menu.

    You can select from:

    • Photograph
    • Magazine
    • Newspaper
    • Document

    These modes change the settings inside Epson Scan 2 to match the document type.

    The default setting scans the document on the scanner bed in colour at 200 dpi.


    These options are not available on Workforce models.

  4. Note:

    If you wish to configure the settings further, select either Document Mode or Photo Mode from the Mode menu.

    Then continue to change the settings in the Main and Advance Settings as required

  5. Click on Preview. The scanner will create a preview of the document on the scanner bed which will appear on-screen.
  6. If you need to make any changes to the document or image do so in the Preview window.
  7. Once you have applied the changes click Preview again.
  8. Before the clicking scan, check the Image Format settings.

    Here you can change the Location that scanned files are saved to on your computer with the File Name given to your saved scan files.

  9. Once you have confirmed the settings click Scan.

Video Tutorial: How to Scan Photos Using Epson Scan 2

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