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When installing the driver using the driver CD the installation isn't completed successfully. What can I do?


  • Driver CD installation checking for USB connection
  • WorkForce DS range scanners with optional Network Interface Panel:
    • WorkForce DS-5500, DS-6500, DS-7500, DS-50000, DS-60000, DS-70000


When using the driver CD to install the driver and other software, the installer will attempt to confirm a USB connection from your scanner to the computer, however when the optional Network Interface Panel is connected the scanner's USB port is disabled. The USB connection confirmation screen may take up to 3 minutes before advising that no product can be found. Use one of the below methods to continue:

Method 1
  1. Insert the driver CD but don't run the setup file, instead click the Open folder to view files option shown below.

  2. Windows Explorer will show the folders containing the drivers and software, open the Apps folder and double-click the driver to begin the installation.

Method 2
  1. Insert the driver CD, run the setup file and the USB connection confirmation screen appears.

    Figure 1. USB connection confirmation screen

  2. The screen will change after 2-3 minutes to advise that 'The product cannot be recognised.', click Cancel.

    Figure 2. The product cannot be recognized

  3. Click Yes to confirm you want to cancel the installation.

    Figure 3. Confirm installation cancel

Method 3
  1. Insert the driver CD, run the setup file and the USB connection confirmation screen appears (see Figure 1).

  2. Press Ctrl, Alt and Delete and click Task Manager/Start Task Manager.

  3. Highlight the Epson Install task in the Applications tab and click End Task.

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