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What is the Epson ELPCB01 Projector Control and Connection Box?


  • ELPCB01
  • Projector control box


The Epson ELPCB01 Control and Connection Box is a compact solution designed for classroom environments using an Epson projector. With an easy to use interface this will mean teachers can switch sources at the touch of a button. The ELPCB01 box will also help keep cables neat and tidy with the included cable cover.

This can be quickly and easily mounted to the wall using only 4 screws; the instructions for installation can be found in the box.

Compatible Epson products

  • EB-440W
  • EB-450W
  • EB-450Wi
  • EB-455W
  • EB-455Wi
  • EB-460
  • EB-460i
  • EB-465
  • EB-465i
  • EB-470
  • EB-475W
  • EB-475Wi
  • EB-480
  • EB-485W
  • EB-485Wi
  • EB-1400Wi
  • EB-1410Wi
  • ELP-DC11 Document Camera
  • EB-W16
  • EB-905
  • EB-915W
  • EB-925
  • EB-93
  • EB-93H
  • EB-95
  • EB-96W
  • EB-S11
  • EB-S11H
  • EB-W16SK
  • EB-X10
  • EB-X11
  • EB-X11H
  • EB-X12
  • EB-X14
  • EB-X14H
  • EB-X9

What's in the box

1 x power cable, 1 x external AC power adaptor, 1 x cable cover, 1 x pen holder, 1 x user’s guide, 1 x installation manual set

Optional ELPSP02 Speakers

Ensure students never struggle to hear with these high-quality speakers. Everything needed to install them is included - mounting units, screws and cables - offering excellent value for money.

For more information on the ELPSP02 speakers, refer to the product page.

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