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PP-100N and PP-100NS: Mandatory update of Total Disc Network Administrator (TDNA) server version 1.10 to version 1.21


  • PP-100N
  • PP-100NS (Security)
  • Total Disc Network Administrator
  • System Software Update





Due to a bug in the Total Disc Network Administrator (TDNA) server application, users will not be able to use the TDNA application due to the password expiring and will not be able to renew the password when expired. This issue will occur after January 2011 and later (180 days after the time limit has expired).

There will be no effect if the setting is not changed when using the unit in Normal / Batch / Standard mode. Also, there will be little effect if a user has set the mail announcement option under the security and PIN Controlled mode because users will receive the password change request email when the password is valid for less than 30 days.

After 180 days the TDNA password will automatically expire - usually a screen will pop-up to notify and allow the user to renew the password as shown in the example below.


However, this screen does not appear and therefore users no longer have access to TDNA in order to change software settings such as those relating to users, stackers, media.

Instead of seeing the correct screen, you will see the following screen as shown in the example below.


Since the PP-100N requires user registration for TDNA, all users will experience this problem. To resolve the issue, all affected units must be updated to a new version of the TDNA server application.

From Jun 2010, all units shipped to Europe come with TDNA Server Software version 1.10. Units that shipped with version 1.00 may have been updated to v.1.10 as this has been available to customers since June 2010 via a website download.


The new version is available for download from the Epson Discproducer website:

PP-100NS (Security model)

The new version dedicated to the PP-100N Security model (v.1.21) will be distributed around December 2010. As a temporary solution until the new version is announced and made available, please change your password now as this will give you another 180 days before the password expires.

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