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ELP DC-06: No image is projected on screen when I connect a projector to a document camera.


  • Epson ELP DC-06 Visualiser
  • Projection issues


Check the following:

  • Make sure the correct source is selected on the projector.

  • Make sure the projector is turned on and not in sleep mode. Make sure its picture has not been turned off.
  • Check that the power indicator is on (displayed on the ELP DC-06 itself) - if it's not, press the Power button.

  • Make sure the cable is connected correctly at both ends. The USB cable should be connected to the Type A USB terminal on the projector (identified by the document camera icon beside it).

  • Make sure a USB hub is not used to connect the projector to the document camera. The document camera will not operate properly if a USB hub is used. Connect the projector directly to the unit.


    The ELP DC-06 is powered by the USB port of the device that it is connected to, therefore using a USB hub may affect power supply as well as communication.

    We recommend using the supplied 3.0 m USB cable with the document camera.

  • Make sure that a supported Epson projector is being used, see the following Related Article for compatibility information:

    Which projectors can be used with the Epson ELP DC-06 Visualiser?

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