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How to replace the imaging cartridge on the AcuLaser C2800N Series


  • AcuLaser C2800N Series
  • Replacing an imaging cartridge (also known as a developer cartridge or toner cartridge)


Imaging cartridge information

Cartridge Part no.
Standard cartridge (Y) (2,000 pages) C13S051162
Standard cartridge (M) (2,000 pages) C13S051163
Standard cartridge (C) (2,000 pages) C13S051164
Standard cartridge (K) (3,000 pages) C13S051165
High Capacity cartridge (Y) (6,000 pages) C13S051158
High Capacity cartridge (M) (6,000 pages) C13S051159
High Capacity cartridge (C) (6,000 pages) C13S051160
High Capacity cartridge (K) (8,000 pages) C13S051161

Identifying if a cartridge is low or empty

LCD Panel Message Needs to be replaced Description
Toner Low NO You can continue to print until the message "Replace Toner uuuu*" is displayed.
Replace Toner uuuu* YES The imaging cartridge for the indicated colour is empty.

* The letters C, M, Y or K appear in this position, indicating the colour(s) of the cartridge(s) to be replaced. For example, the message Y Toner Low means that the amount of toner remaining in the yellow imaging cartridge is low.

Replacing an imaging cartridge

Follow the steps below to replace an imaging cartridge:

  1. Confirm the colour of the imaging cartridge that needs to be replaced by checking the LCD panel or EPSON Status Monitor 3.

  2. Press the latch on Cover A and open the cover.


    Do not keep Cover A open for more than five minutes to avoid exposing imaging cartridges in the printer to room light.

  3. Remove the empty imaging cartridge from the printer.

  4. Take the new imaging cartridge out of its package, and gently shake it from side to side and front to back to distribute the toner evenly.

  5. Remove the protective tape, pulling straight from the imaging cartridge. Make sure to pull the tape slowly to avoid tearing it.

  6. Insert the new imaging cartridge all the way until it stops.

  7. Remove the plastic protective cover from the imaging cartridge.

  8. Close Cover A.

For more information see your user guide, available from the Epson website.

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