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Epson EB-Z8000 Series: What are the main technologies that enhance picture quality and colour reproduction?


  • Epson EB-Z8000 Series multimedia projectors


Like all Epson projectors, the EB-Z8000 series uses 3LCD projection technology. This means the white light output is always the same as the colour light output measurement. See the EB-Z8000 Series Product Brochure (PDF) and the 3LCD Colour Light Output brochure (PDF) for more details.

In addition the EB-Z8000 series uses the Epson Cinema Filter already used in some top-of-the-range Epson Home Cinema models. This Epson Cinema Filter has been redesigned to match the needs of this business projector.

The Epson Cinema Filter allows the EB-Z8000 series to achieve a wide colour gamut that exceeds the DCI colour standard. This means the wide gamut can provide the same range of colours as those used in Digital Cinema and allows accurate and faithful reproduction of the original colours the film producers intended.

Please note that the Epson Cinema Filter works in "Theatre" and "sRGB" modes. In these modes, the light output will be reduced to about 40% of standard when using the Epson Cinema Filter.

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