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Please explain the main picture quality features & benefits of the EB-Z8000 Series such as C² Fine technology?


  • EB-Z8000 Series
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The Epson EB-Z8000 Series is the world's first 3LCD WUXGA projector, with the world's first WUXGA HTPS-TFT panel. This offers a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels in addition to D7 and C² Fine technologies.

This high resolution enables the projector to display more content while providing crisp images and highly legible text without image distortion or scaling. In addition, high resolution wide screen allows you to view two independent A4-sized windows side by side at the same time and HDTV and HD video at its native 1920x1080 pixels, with pixel qualities which surpass even that of 1080p.

How can you achieve such "light output" (or brightness)?

In order to provide a more accurate description of lumens measurement, Epson has replaced "brightness" with "light output" in its official specifications. "Brightness" is used in many other product categories like flat panels and the definition is sometimes confusing. Epson also differentiates the White Light Output (measurement of white lumens) and the Colour Light Output (measurement of colour lumens). Please see the 3LCD Colour Light Output brochure (PDF) for more details.

The EB-Z8000 series are the highest light output projectors that Epson has ever launched. This is thanks to a high-wattage 330W and a newly developed optical engine generating 7000 lumens with WXGA LCD panel (Aperture Ratio 80%) and 6000 lumens with WUXGA LCD panel (Aperture Ratio 68%)*. Newly developed inorganic LCD panels with C²FINE technology, and the Auto Iris system work together to deliver 5000:1 high contrast ratio*. The EB-Z8000 series optical engine enables the projection of crisp, sharp wide images even in large, bright spaces such as conference rooms, lecture halls and entrance halls.

*Epson adheres to the ISO 21118 measurement process for light output and contrast measurements.

What is C²Fine technology?

C²FineTM is based on inorganic alignment layer and vertical alignment technology. By using this technology it is possible to achieve:

  • High Contrast

    High contrast is achieved through vertical alignment technology.

  • Pure Black

    A deep and pure black colour is achieved with vertical alignment technology + Normally Black mode.

  • Lustrous Image

    A smooth image has been achieved by developing inorganic alignment layers.

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