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EB-Z8000 Series: What is the WUXGA resolution? Is it equivalent to 1080p or Full HD?


  • Epson EB-Z8000 series Multimedia projectors
  • WUXGA vs. 1080p


The 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) high resolution enables the projector to display more content while providing crisp images and highly legible text without image distortion or scaling. In addition, high resolution wide screen allows you to view two independent A4-sized windows side by side at the same time and HDTV and HD video at its native 1920x1080 pixels, with pixel qualities which surpass even that of 1080. WUXGA high resolution is ideal for professional applications such as finance, medical care, patent office, CAD, CG and HD editing.



The main benefits are:

  • More data on the screen at the same time.
  • Less scrolling and toggling between windows.
  • More room for applications, tool bars, pull down menus etc. without overlapping.
  • Two side-by-side pages of text or graphics can be shown at the same time.

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