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What connectivity options does the EB-Z8000 Series offer?


  • Epson EB-Z8000 series Multimedia projectors
  • Input/Output interfaces


The Epson EB-Z8000 series is equipped with a variety of interfaces which allows for flexible connectivity to different systems. Two digital interfaces, HDMI and DVI-D can accept digital signals from both PC and HD video equipment at the same time without an DVI to HDMI adapter. In addition to this, 5 BNC connectors can accept signals from professional video equipment.

The EB-Z8000 series can accept analogue and digital computer signals up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels). However with the EB-Z8000WU, WUXGA signals have to be resized to match native panel resolution size (WXGA (1280x800)).

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