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How do I back up my projector information before upgrading EMP Monitor (EasyMP Monitor)?


  • Epson projector range
  • EMP Monitor (EasyMP Monitor)
  • Microsoft Windows


When a projector is registered, the settings are saved to a file called EMP Monitor.dat. When you upgrade to a newer version of EMP Monitor, this file is replaced with a new version. As a result, no projectors will appear on the screen when you next launch EMP Monitor. You need to register the projectors again for them to appear.

Prior to upgrading to a later/new version of EMP Monitor, we recommend backing-up your projector settings. This will help you avoid re-registering your projectors.

Open the volume that Windows is installed on (normally (C:)) from Windows Explorer or Computer/My Computer. Then open Program Files > EMP Monitor or Program Files > EPSON Projector > EMP Monitor.

Copy the EMP Monitor.dat file (located in this folder) to another location on your hard drive. You can then upgrade EMP Monitor.

After upgrading EMP Monitor, copy the saved file back to its original location (\Program Files\EMP Monitor or \Program Files\EPSON Projector\EMP Monitor). When you open EMP Monitor, all the registered projectors will appear.


EMP Monitor is now called EasyMP Monitor.

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