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AcuLaser C900 / C1900: How to replace developer cartridges when they are not empty (Windows Vista and Windows 7)


  • AcuLaser C900 and AcuLaser C1900
  • Replacing or removing the developer cartridges (toner cartridges)
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 


Sometimes you may find it useful to remove or replace a developer cartridge before it is empty. For example, you might replace a low cartridge with a full one before starting a large print run, so that it doesn't get interrupted when the cartridge runs out. Follow the steps below.

First ensure that you have the correct developer cartridge(s) for the AcuLaser C900/C1900:

Developer Cartridge colour Part Number C900 Part Number C1900
Cyan C13S050157* C13S050099**
Yellow C13S050155* C13S050097**
Magenta C13S050156* C13S050098**
Black C13S050100 (replacement cartridge is always high capacity)

* Standard capacity part number
** High capacity part number

Removing a developer cartridge by using EPSON Status Monitor 3 (AcuLaser C900 only)

To use this procedure you will need to have EPSON Status Monitor 3 installed, and your printer will need to be connected directly to a PC, by USB for example and not via a network.

Status Monitor is not included with the in-box Windows Vista and Windows 7 C900 printer drivers.

  1. If Status Monitor is installed the following icon will be present in your taskbar:

    Otherwise, download EPSON Status Monitor 3 from the Drivers & Software > Other Software section of your local EPSON website.


    Windows 7 users:

    Select Windows Vista as your operating system and download and install the Windows Vista version of EPSON Status Monitor 3. This will work correctly in Windows 7.

    Depending on your browser, you may see a prompt to Run, Save or Save File. Save the file. Note that some browsers may download the file automatically to your desktop or other folder on your PC. Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on it and then follow the on-screen instructions to extract and install the files.

  2. Once you've confirmed that Status Monitor is installed, right-click on the Status Monitor icon, select your printer and then left-click Printer Setting...:

  3. Select the cartridge you want to remove from the Change Toner drop-down menu, then click Start.


    Here you can also change the Sleep Mode, Paper Source Priority, MP Tray Size and other options.

  4. The following message will appear. Click Yes:

  5. EPSON Status Monitor 3 should display the ink levels and the levels for all the consumables. Click on How to... to start the developer cartridge removal guide.


    If EPSON Status Monitor 3 cannot communicate correctly with your printer it may report an error or not respond. If that happens, you cannot use this method to remove a developer cartridge. For help see the following articles in the Related Articles section:

    For more information on error messages refer to your user guide, available from the Epson website.

  6. Follow the steps on your PC's screen to remove or replace the developer cartridge (click the image below to open a larger version in a new window):


    For more information on replacing cartridges, see How do I replace the developer cartridges in the AcuLaser C900? in the Related Articles section.

  7. You can only remove one cartridge at a time. If you need to change another cartridge, repeat the procedure from Step 3.

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Removing a developer cartridge by using the printer's control panel (AcuLaser C1900 only)

EPSON Status Monitor 3 is not available in Vista for the AcuLaser C1900. However, you can use the printer's control panel to remove a developer cartridge:

  1. Ensure that the printer is powered on, all covers are closed and that the printer is not displaying an error message. (If the red error light is on you will need to address the error before you can follow this procedure).

  2. Use the Down arrow button to scroll the display until Reset Menu is shown on the LCD panel.

  3. Press the Right arrow button once.

  4. Use the Up arrow button to scroll the display until "Change Toner X" is shown on the LCD panel, where X is the colour of the developer cartridge you want to remove: K = black, C = cyan, Y = yellow and M = magenta.

  5. Press the Right arrow button once. Wait until the printer displays "Replace Toner X". Then open the front cover and remove the developer cartridge.


    For more information on replacing cartridges, see How do I replace the developer cartridge(s) in the AcuLaser C1900? in the Related Articles section.

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