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How can I resolve the issue where the print head positions itself on the left or does not return to its home position?


  • Epson Inkjet Products


  1. Make sure that the printer is on a level surface.

  2. If the printer is powered on, press the power button on the printer and wait for all lights to turn off on the unit.

  3. Press the power button to turn the printer on.

  4. If the print head has not returned to the home position, this will be indicated by all the lights on the printer flashing on and off. A printer error message will be shown on products with an LCD panel.

  5. Press the power button on the printer and wait for all lights to turn off on the unit.

  6. While the printer is still powered off, open the printer cover and check for any foreign objects inside the printer that may be causing an obstruction to the print head.

  7. Check for torn pieces of paper around the front of the printer and the ink cartridge holder/print head.

  8. Carefully remove any paper or other obstructions from the paper path and inside the printer by hand. Close the printer cover.


If your printer has a carriage cover and the carriage cover does not close or the print head carriage does not move to its home position, the carriage cover may be causing an obstruction.

If the print head is in the ink cartridge replacement position, open the carriage cover and push the ink cartridges down until they click into place. Then power off the printer.

Power on the printer and wait for the printer to finish initialising.

If the printer is still in an error state and the print head/carriage does not move to its home position after following the troubleshooting above,the printer may require a service check.

Contact your local Epson support for available services.

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