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I just installed the Epson Scan software for Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger), but it will not run. It just pops up in the Dock and then disappears. What should I do?


  • Mac OS X 10.4.x
  • Epson Scan
  • Epson Scanners and All-In-One products



If you're using a Power PC or Intel-based Mac with OS X 10.4.x, your hard drive may be partitioned for Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive/Journaled) or Unix File System. These formats are not supported.

To check this, click on the Macintosh 10.4 hard drive to highlight it and then from the Finder menu, click File > Get Info (or press the  command + I keys).

The window displays the format information for the drive.

Fig. 1: Example of the Get Info option

Fig. 2: Example of the Get Info window, showing the supported 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)' format type

If it is formatted in either of these unsupported formats, it is not possible to use the Epson software. You will need to use Mac OS Extended or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) when formatting the partition. See the Apple website for support or refer to your OS documentation for help on formatting a drive or partition.

If you are experiencing this issue with Epson Scan in 10.4.x and the hard drive is partitioned in a supported format, e.g. Mac OS Extended or Mac OS Extended (Journaled), then the problem may be related to the installation. We recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Epson Scan. See the following article for help: How to fully remove an Epson scanner from Mac OS X.

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