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AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N: How to manually remove and reinstall the toner cartridges


  • You have been advised to manually remove and/or reinstall toner cartridges
  • The printer may display error message "Service Req E527"
  • One or more toner cartridges appear to be installed incorrectly
  • These models: the AcuLaser C1100, CX11N, CX21N and all variants


This article explains how to manually align, remove and reinstall the toner cartridges. This procedure is used to resolve specific print quality and cartridge installation issues.


The images in this article generally depict the AcuLaser C1100, but the procedures are the same for the AcuLaser CX11N, CX21N and all variants.


We recommend using genuine Epson toner cartridges. Using non-genuine consumable products may affect the operation of your printer. Epson are not liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of consumable products not manufactured or approved by Epson.


  1. Close all the covers, and power the printer off.

  2. Open Cover B, and then remove the photoconductor unit (PCU).

    1. Before starting, please note the following handling precautions:


      For more information, see "Safety Precautions" in your reference guide (available from the Epson website):

      • The photoconductor unit (PCU) weighs 2.8kg (6.16 lb). Be sure to hold it firmly by the handle when carrying it.

      • The PCU is light-sensitive. Avoid exposing it to light any longer than necessary. If you need to keep the PCU out of the printer for long periods, cover it with an opaque cloth.

      • Be careful not to scratch the surface of the drum and transfer belt. Also, avoid touching the drum, since oil from your skin may permanently damage its surface and affect print quality.

      • Avoid tilting the PCU any more than necessary.

    2. Open Cover B.

    3. Raise the orange lever inside Cover B.

    4. Remove the PCU.

    5. Place the PCU to one side on a clean and level surface.

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  3. Turn the toner carousel by hand to line up a toner cartridge with the front of the printer.

      The toner cartridges slot into a rotating rack referred to as the toner carousel. You can use this to move a specific cartridge to the front of the printer.


      Close Cover A (the front cover), if it is open. While Cover A is open, the toner carousel is locked in place and you will not be able to turn it.

    1. Push down on a toner cartridge to rotate the toner carousel. Do not touch any other parts inside the printer apart from the plastic cartridges:

      Rotating the carousel.

    2. Keep turning the toner carousel until the cartridge appears to be lined up with the front of the printer.

      Align the screw above the coloured roller with the white cog on the metal bracket.

    3. Open Cover A to check whether or not the cartridge is in the correct position:

      The green arrow on the left side of the cartridge must point to the middle of the groove on the left side of the printer.

    4. If the toner cartridge is not in position, close Cover A and repeat the previous steps until it is in position.

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  4. Remove the toner cartridge, and then close Cover A.

    1. Before starting, please note the following handling precautions:

      • Handle the cartridge with care. Toner is free to spill out of the toner cartridge when it is in the locked position.

      • Be aware that during removal or cleaning, toner powder could get onto your hands, clothing or work surfaces.

      • Prepare a clean, level work surface before starting, and put down paper if required.

      • You may need a soft, dry, lint-free cloth with which to clean the cartridges.

      • Do not touch the toner. Keep the toner away from your eyes. If toner gets on your skin or clothes, wash it off with soap and water immediately.

      • If toner is spilled, use a broom and dustpan or a damp cloth with soap and water to clean it up. Because the fine particles can cause a fire or explosion if they come into contact with a spark, do not use a vacuum cleaner.

    2. Unlock the toner cartridge and remove it from the printer.

    3. Close Cover A.

    4. Repeat Steps 3 - 4 until you have removed all the required toner cartridges.

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  5. Reinstall the photoconductor unit (PCU).

    1. Hold the PCU by its handle, and align it with the arrow marks on the printer. Insert the unit until it clicks shut.

    2. Push the orange lever down (1), and then close Cover B (2).

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  6. Close all the covers, and then power the printer on.

  7. Reinstall the toner cartridge(s) following the prompts on the LCD panel.

    1. When powered on, the printer should go through its normal RAM Check and Self Test, then start to warm up.

    2. The printer should display a prompt to install a toner cartridge, "Install X TnrCart", where X can be K (black), C (cyan), M (magenta) or Y (yellow):

      AcuLaser CX11N: the prompt to install the black (K) toner cartridge.

    3. Open Cover A.

    4. Install the cartridge requested, ensuring that the colour of the cartridge matches the colour of the slot into which you are inserting it.

    5. Lock the toner cartridge firmly.


      If you are unable to install or lock the toner cartridge, remove it. Close Cover A and wait for the printer to display the installation prompt again. Then try to reinstall the cartridge.

      If you still cannot install the toner cartridge, see Related Article AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N: How to resolve issues with installing or removing a toner cartridge for further advice.

    6. Close Cover A.

    7. The printer should warm up again. If more cartridges need to be installed, the printer should prompt for the next one (see Step 7.b).

    8. Continue to install the toner cartridges as prompted.

    9. Once all the cartridges are installed, the printer should finish calibrating and warming up and be ready to use.

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