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AcuLaser C1100, CX11N & CX21N: Error message "Service Req E537"


  • The printer displays the error message "Serv Req E537".
  • These models: Aculaser C1100, CX11N, CX21N and all variants.


The "Service Req E537" error message means that the fuser unit has failed to warm up to the required temperature. This can result from a paper mis-feed, the fuser being incorrectly seated, environmental factors or an issue with the fuser itself.


  1. Power off the printer, leave it for around 30 seconds and then power it on again. This may clear the error. If not, investigate further.

  2. Check for a paper jam or other obstruction in the fuser unit, and reseat it.


    When the printer has been in use, the fuser unit and surrounding areas may be very hot. Wait 20 minutes or more for the fuser unit to cool down, and take care not to touch the fuser rollers themselves. You can find further safety and troubleshooting information in your user guide, available from the Epson website.

    1. Lift up Cover C (the top, rear lid of the printer).

    2. Raise the two green levers at either side of the fuser unit.

    3. Lift up the black plastic guide, using the green tab on the left hand side, to expose the fuser rollers beneath.

    4. Gently pull out any sheets of paper, taking care not to tear any jammed paper.

    5. Carefully remove any foreign objects visible. 

    6. Lift up the grey plastic fuser latch cover on the left side, as follows:


      AcuLaser C1100(N) only: the cover is held in place with a screw. Remove the screw and then lift up the cover as shown above.

    7. Locate the two black fuser latches (identified by padlock symbols).  Unlock them by pulling them firmly in the direction shown below:

    8. Hold the two green levers on either side of the fuser unit, and lift the fuser unit out of the printer.

    9. Check for and clear any jammed paper or other obstructions in either the fuser unit or the printer.

      Beneath Cover C, with the fuser unit removed

    10. Reinstall the fuser unit. Lock the fuser latches securely (reverse Step 2.g.).

    11. Push down the two green levers, and close the fuser latch cover.


      AcuLaser C1100(N) only: screw down the fuser latch cover to hold the fuser unit securely in place.

    12. Close Cover C.

    13. Test the printer. If the error message is still displayed, power the printer off and then on again.

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  3. Check that the paper being used is suitable for a laser printer and within specification.

      These are the supported paper types and weights for standard media types, rated in g/m2. The weight should be noted on your paper's packaging. If unsure, check with your supplier:

      Paper Type Weight Range Load Paper In
      Plain paper  64 to 80 g/m2  Any paper tray
       Semi-thick  81 to 105 g/m2 Any paper tray if Epson media, otherwise MP Tray
       Thick  106 to 163 g/m2  MP Tray Only
       Extra thick  164 to 210 g/m2  MP Tray Only
       Coated  105 to 210 g/m2  MP Tray Only


      Inkjet paper, especially photographic or glossy media, is not formulated to withstand the heat of a hot fuser unit and can jam or even melt inside the printer.

      See one of the Related Articles or your user guide for further information on correct paper storage, appropriate paper thickness settings, using the correct paper tray and advice on printing on special media such as envelopes, transparencies and labels.

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  4. Check that the printer is in a position where it is able to warm up to the required temperature.



    If it is particularly cold, or if the printer is near to an open window, it may not be able to warm up. Move the unit to a warmer environment and test it again.

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  5. If the problem remains, the printer may require a service.

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