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AcuLaser C1100(N) - Why has the level of toner decreased faster than expected?


  1. The message "Toner low" is displayed on the LCD or the level of toner decreases faster than expected.
  2. You may need to update the printer firmware if you replace a low toner cartridge, and the printer still registers it as low.
  3. The AcuLaser C1100(N).


  1. Specifications

      If the level of toner appears to be decreasing faster than expected, check the capacity of your toner cartridges:

      Lifetime: Part No. Pictures
      High capacity Toner cartridge (Yellow)** S050187
      Standard capacity Toner cartridge (Yellow)* S050191
      High capacity Toner cartridge (Magenta)** S050188 Toner cartridge (Magenta)</
      Standard capacity Toner cartridge (Magenta)* S050192
      High capacity Toner cartridge (Cyan)** S050189 Toner cartridge (Cyan)
      Standard capacity Toner cartridge (Cyan)* S050193
      High capacity Toner cartridge (Black)** S050190 Toner cartridge (Black)
      *Standard capacity = up to 1500 pages / ** High capacity = up to 4000 pages

      Note that the expected page yields for all consumable products are based on A4 prints of 5% coverage, in conditions of continuous usage. If your usual coverage is 10%, this is twice the published figure and so you could expect to reach approximately half the expected page yield.  Click here to view your printer's full specifications.

  2. Printer Firmware

      If you have recently changed a cartridge and it appears to be running out unusually quickly, then it is possible that the toner cartridge information displayed by the printer is incorrect.  Note however that even if the message "Toner low" is displayed there is still toner remaining in the cartridge. You don't need to replace the toner cartridge until "Replace toner" is displayed, and you can continue to print.  The "Replace toner"  message indicates the real end of life of the cartridge.

      Notes Icon Note:

      When the cartridge is replaced, the toner information will start to be displayed accurately.  To replace a cartridge, see How to change a toner cartridge before it has run out if the toner cartridge is Low, or this article if the printer displays "Replace Toner uuuu" (where K for black, C for cyan, M for magenta or Y for yellow appears in the place of 'u').

  3. Checking the Toner Cartridges

    If none of these issues appear to apply, it is recommended to check that your toner cartridges are installed correctly, and to check for a toner spillage. See this article for further advice.

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