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What is HD Ready?


  • High Definition standards and compatibility
  • Projectors and other display devices


HD Ready means ready for High Definition. It is an industry standard for a new generation of display devices like plasma TVs, LCD TVs and projectors. HD Ready projectors will display pictures with a much higher resolution than SD or Standard Definition projectors.

The EICTA "HD Ready" minimum requirements for display devices are the same no matter what type of display device you own (e.g. plasma, LCD, DLP, DLA, LCoS, CRT), and no matter which display method you use (e.g. flat panel, rear projection, front projection, direct view).

Minimum specifications for a display device to be called HD Ready

  1. Display engine

    The minimum native resolution of the display (e.g. LCD) or display engine is 720 physical lines in wide aspect ratio, for example the EPSON EMP-TW520 and EMP-TW600.


  2. Video Interfaces

    The display device accepts HD input via:

    1. Analogue YPbPr input, and
    2. Digital DVI or HDMI input.
  3. HD-capable inputs accept the following HD video formats:

    1. 1280x720 @ 50 and 60Hz progressive ("720p"), and

    2. 1920x1080 @ 50 and 60Hz interlaced ("1080i")

    The DVI or HDMI input supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

Clarity of displayed resolutions

    HD Displayed Resolutions

    Other specifications

    1. HD TV

      HDTV HD TV means High Definition Television. This relates to receivers and TVs.
      HDTV EICTA have also created an official specification for HD Television Receivers with or without a display for video reproduction.

      The requirements for a HD Television Receiver without a display for video reproduction (which can be used with a video projector) are:

      • Display, display engine

        Same as for HD Ready.

      • Video Interfaces

        You can use a variety of video interfaces. The Output interfaces required are Analogue YPbPr, DVI or HDMI.

        Notes Icon Note:

        If the HD Television Receiver is intended to be used with HD sources (television broadcasts) some of which require content protection to permit HD quality output, then the HD Television Receiver should implement an HDMI or DVI interface with support for HDCP.

    2. HD Compatible

      There is no minimum native resolution required, the aspect ratio can be other than wide (4:3 is allowed, for example) and also no specific connection is required.

    3. Full HD, HD Ready 1080p, HD TV 1080p

      The minimum native resolution of the display (e.g. LCD) or display engine is 1080 physical lines in wide aspect ratio. The device should display the 1920 x 1080 @ 50 and 60Hz in native resolution.


      Norm Minimum Minimum Compatible Signal Input : Output Remark
      EICTA Lines Columns Requested Requested Requested HDCP
      Full HD, HD Ready 1080p n/a 1080 1920 720i, 720p,
      1080i, 1080p
      n/a n/a n/a
      HD Ready Yes 720 No 720i, 720p,
      YPbPr DVI or HDMI Yes
      HDTV Yes 720 No 720i, 720p,
      YPbPr DVI or HDMI According to
      the Output
      n/a No No n/a No No n/a

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