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Bright, light and smart, the ideal presentation partner


The Epson EB-1700 Series has the power to deliver bright, high-contrast images in clear colours. It´s also lightweight and compact, ideal for the busy professional on the move, on customer calls or attending many different meetings in the office. This projector is also very easy to set up and operate, leaving you free to concentrate on your audience and your presentation. Quiet and compact, it would go unnoticed if it wasn´t so good to look at. The Epson EB-1700 Series offers you a mix of XGA and WXGA resolution. The wide screen (1280x800) resolution is the same as most laptop PCs so the projector is ready to project exactly what is on your PC screen without the need to adjust settings. WXGA offers 30% more space compared to XGA (1024x768) resolution.

Key Features

A/V mute slide: A sliding lens shutter can instantly cut the beam so that the audience can focus entirely on you.
Quick and easy: Set up takes only six seconds while shut down is virtually immediate with no cooling down - unprecedented for a 3000lm lamp.
A front exhaust pushes out hot air at the front rather than the sides, so the projector can be placed close to your audience without bothering them.
Wireless Module + Quick Wireless Connection
The Epson EB-1700 series has a short throw lens: project a stunning 60" image from just 1.26m!