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Super-bright laser projector


Super-bright laser projector

The world's first 12,000 lumens WUXGA 3LCD laser projector1 offers superior images and a long-lasting, low maintenance performance

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    Drivers & Software



    EasyMP Network Updater (v1.25) 02-May-2018 5.13 MBs

    Version: 1.25
    Release Date: 02-May-2018
    File Format: ZIP
    File Size: 5.13 MBs
    Additional Information
    EasyMP Network Updater

    Firmware (v2.14) 30-Oct-2019 43.98 MBs

    Version: 2.14
    Release Date: 30-Oct-2019
    File Format: ZIP
    File Size: 43.98 MBs
    Additional Information

    Firmware can be updated using the following projector ports:

    USB-A (using USB memory stick)

    USB-B using a computer and USB cable

    Wired LAN using EasyMP Network Updater or Epson Projector Management version 5.2 or higher. Applications and manuals downloadable from the website.


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