Screen (80" Multi-Aspect) - ELPSC26

Screen (80" Multi-Aspect) - ELPSC26

SKU: V12H002S26

When you’ve invested in a projector, it makes sense to choose a screen that will deliver the vibrant and detailed display offered by your projector. Quick to assemble and adjust, you can set up the screen quickly providing a stress-free experience. Giving you far more flexibility than a fixed TV screen, they're also easy to take apart and stow away.

Screen (80" Multi-Aspect) - ELPSC26

Projector screen

No more big black boxes

There's no need to let a big, black TV screen permanently dominate your space. By using a non-fixed screen and projector, you'll have the flexibility to view content on a big screen when you need it and hide it away when it's not in use.

Make the most of your projector

Don’t settle for projecting on to a bare wall – with our screens you can enjoy the exceptional detail, vibrant colours, defined shadows and deep blacks that your projector provides.

Fuss-free assembly

Forget complicated instructions and lengthy installations, our screens are quick and easy to assemble. Just like our projectors, Epson screens are designed to get you up and running with minimal fuss. What's more, they're also easy to stow away.

Flexible positioning