Presentation Matte Paper Roll, 44" x 25 m, 172g/m²

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Paper Weight: 172 g/m²

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Presentation Matte Paper Roll, 44" x 25 m, 172g/m²

Epson Presentation Matte paper rolls provide a 172 g/m² high-quality paper with a matt surface and according capacity. Epson paper rolls are ideally suited for extra long printing orders.

Offering high quality with a capacity to match, our Presentation Matte Paper Rolls offer a matte 172g/m² paper finish. Epson Paper Rolls are ideal for printing jobs that demand extra length an laminate easily. This is the best media for producing quality output for users requiring a cost effective matte paper. Applications include promotional pieces, layouts, courtroom graphics, proofs, indoor displays and posters. This paper is an economical alternative when the highest colour photographic images are not necessary. It is also easily laminated to further protect from light and moisture. Like all of Epson's innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution an colour saturation possible. As always. Epson supplies guarantees Epson quality.