Enhanced Matte Posterboard, 30" x 40", 1130g/m², 5 Sheets

SKU: C13S041599

Paper Weight: 1,130 g/m²

Number of Sheets: 5 Sheets

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Enhanced Matte Posterboard, 30" x 40", 1130g/m², 5 Sheets

EPSON Enhanced Matt Poster Board is the first precoated printing medium that is compatible with EPSON Colorfast pigment-based ink. It consists of a substrate already present on the poster board, with a bright white matt surface which can be directly imprinted with EPSON large-sized pigment-based printers. The Enhanced matt substrate is similar to the Enhanced Matt Paper and offers a 40% increase in colour gamut as compared to the available Double Weight Matt and Water Colour Paper Radiant White media. This printing medium is ideal for sales outlets, exposition graphics, photographs and fine art, which are areas requiring excellent colour reproduction and rigidity.

Tech Specs

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SKU: C13S041599
  • Technology

    Paper Category
    Special media
    Paper Type
    Enhanced Matte Posterboard
    Paper Range
    Graphic Arts - Fine Art Paper
    Paper Application
    Paper Size
    762 mm x 1,016 mm
    Paper Weight
    1,130 g/m²
  • Packaging

    Number of Sheets
    5 Sheets
  • Media

    Basic weight
    1,130 g/m2 ISO 0536
    1,250 µm ISO 0534
    95 % ISO 2470
    Base Material
    Surface / Paper Type