Cleaning sheet

Effective printer cleaning

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Cleaning sheet

Designed to fulfil the cleaning requirements of the anti-static cloth on Epson's SC-P5000, SC-P10000 and SCP20000 printers, this cleaning sheet offers a quick and cost-effective maintenance solution.

Epson's SC-P5000, SC-P10000 and SC-P20000 printers are fitted with an anti-static cloth on the paper slot, to prevent dust entering the printing zone. Dust can periodically accumulate on this cloth, reducing its effectiveness, so the cleaning sheet is designed to remove this, quickly and easily.

Supplied as a pack of five sheets, each sheet has an adhesive surface, designed to remove dust and other particulates from the anti-static cloth. Cleaning is a quick, straightforward procedure, and a single sheet is usually sufficient for a complete cleaning process, which should be performed at least once a year.